Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{December 2, 2008}   Crazy

Choosing the right birth control method combined with being a woman, avec hormones, is a frightening prospect. Being in a sexually monogamous relationship for a few months has necessitated the need to guard against ….anything unwanted. Off to the pharmacist I went, prescription for the NuvaRing in hand. The first month was fantastic – no pill to remember to take and NO CONDOMS! My lover’s excitement of actually being able to come inside me was palpable (no pun). The first week into the second month however, told a different story. It started right after my period when the ring went back in. I woke up with a piercing headache in my left temple – which didn’t go away for a week- followed by intensely dangerous mood swings (I’m not proud – but I did physically abuse my love, the full powered boxercize punch I delivered to his left arm won’t soon be forgotten). The inability to wake up in the morning despite 12 hours of sleep did not help matters. Not to mention the bad dreams, increased appetite and feeling generally not myself. Crazy, in fact. Crying one minute, angry at nothing the next. The weekend spent with IndiaLove turned into a scene out of the Exorcist and prompted him to do some research into the side effects of the ring – I think he must have feared for his life, or certainly the future of our relationship. After reading some other women’s accounts of their experience with the ring, I dashed to the loo and took the damn thing out. The next morning, I felt back to my regular happy self. Thank god – I thought I might be certifiably crazy.


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