Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{November 1, 2008}   Self Love

Masturbating. It seems to be  the only way to guarantee me an orgasm these days. I’m not entirely sure what is going on in bed with my partner but it doesn’t always figure me into the picture of orgasmic release. I’m enjoying the sex we have, but it always ends the same way – his orgasm and not mine. I’m not so sure he’s confident in the art of “being there” or even in the art of any kind of subtle seduction. He just “goes for it”. Hands and fingers right into the honey pot without even licking the lid first. Too direct. Not enough eroticism. For me, that is. For him – that’s all he needs. A whiff of potential and then it’s all over. I have to wonder what I am not communicating. “Slow down” seems to be fairly straightforward. He is like an eager little puppy that piddles at the first sight of the leash. I may be forced to take this Indian Retriever back to Listening to Commands 101. In the mean time, as he rolls over and sleeps my own fingers and fantasies go to work. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.


smwr1982 says:

well i’m glad u get the big o in the end. sucks that its a consolation prize tho. have u tried…since you haven’t dumped him on his ass yet…sucking him off first then not letting him inside u until he gets u off? then by the time he’s getting hard again, you put him through his lessons?

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