Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 23, 2008}   Oh God…Yes, Yes, YES! (Size Really Doesn’t Matter!)

After two months of hard core trying, it happened! And OMG – it was worth the wait (well, almost)! A combination of dirty talk, the right place, the right pressure and the fact that I finally admitted to myself how much I actually cared for my lover brought the religion out of me for the first time in a long while. Thinking back on my whole bank of sexual experiences (I’ve had a lot) I can’t seem to recall ever having an orgasm with a one night stand, a friend with benefits or somebody I didn’t really love. It took me two whole months to sort out my feelings for my tall Indian lover – coincidentally, it took the same amount of time to “reach my peak of desire”. But having climbed that fence once, I’m now running free in the field on the other side! Contrary to popular belief (mine included) my lover needn’t be hung like a water buffalo to satisfy his darling. Coming had more to do with how I felt about him rather than how he felt inside of me. The physically stuff is great – no misunderstandings, but the spiritual, the mental, the untouchable aspect of having sex, or in my case making love, is when the amazing things happen. And like just like anyone who has had a religious experience, I’m now a confirmed believer: size is not all that matters!


qarlcarl says:

Glad you got a good one. (a good guy AND a good orgasm 😉 Stop by my blog at and let me know if you have any teasy or creative ideas for my orgasm denial project. That way when you’re “running free in the field” you can smile thinking of me squirming in exquisite deprivation through my own design.

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