Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 13, 2008}   Chickened Out

I couldn’t do the bootycall! Something from somewhere divinely intervened on my sexual behalf negating the possibility of a casual Friday night romp. I’m not sure what it was….my moral voice? my righteous voice? or perhaps it was my mother’s voice? but I did not get laid by a stranger that night – I just didn’t want to share my new tits with somebody undeserving. I want to be worshiped for longer than it takes to have an orgasm. I’ve never been very good at casual encounters of the sexual kind, anyway – I usually can’t come and most times the lay ends up in a pseudo-relationship. I wanted neither. So, I called up my tall Indian instead. Comfortable and intimate, we had a fantastic Friday night affair!

The moral of the story: I chickened out of something uncertain and placed all my eggs in one familiar basket. Is that so bad?


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