Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 8, 2008}   Neck Tattoo

What is it about a guy with a tattoo on his neck that is so incredibly erotic? Must be the whole bad boy, bartender-in-a- band image. It’s not the tattoo itself that screams, “I’m sexy and I fucking know it” but more about the guy who has dared to go there, and get inked on such vulnerable skin. My bartender-in-a-band with the Chinese symbol for “Dragon” on his neck is just that. He emanates SEX beyond the capabilities of the five regular senses; the stuff coming from him goes right to the “fuck me” centre of my brain. And oh, how I would love to! We’ve had a few chance encounters at the local live music venue that I’ve attended with girlfriends but we haven’t had the opportunity to exchange numbers. There is no night planned out to the same club again and I might have to take it upon myself to go and get him – that is to make a uni-purpose trip to the bar I know he works at on Saturday nights. I’d love to see that tattoo bared above a naked chest.

Hmm… perhaps he has more sexy tats…and there is only one way to find out!


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