Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 7, 2008}   Are Those Real?

Having fake tits seems to give some people the impression that they are there for anybody to comment on or touch! Not that I mind either, truthfully, but when a complete stranger gropes you in the passing – it does give one pause for thought. It wasn’t even crude male behaviour – it was a woman who did the feeling up! “Are those real!?!” she asked incredulously. I could tell she was a little bit in awe and a little bit envious. I looked down at her chest and reminisced the A cup that I was only a few short weeks ago. “Nope, just got ’em!” How could I lie? They look too amazing to be real – and under a shirt with no bra, they magically stay up! She ogled me awhile longer while firing off questions; where did I go? how much did I pay? and what exactly have I got in there? Just the usual girlgab that began with a grab.

Despite the fact that my beautifully full breasts are silicone, they are all mine – my Visa bill tells me so every month!


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