Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 3, 2008}   Just Coffee

When is a coffee just a coffee? Is it when two former lovers meet up just to see if there is still a spark? Is it inform a current lover that it is over? So much can happen over a cup of joe. I’ve decided to break my exclusivity agreement with my tall Indian to “have coffee” with Gold Miner Greg. He initiated the email a couple of weeks ago and since then we have, through several turns of the ether, decided we should indeed meet up. Will it be a betrayal of trust? Of course. But I think I gave that trust out too soon and now I’m having to reel it back in like a fishing line caught on an old boot. I think I also have to admit to myself that I’m not ready to embark upon another relationship – no matter how slow it is going. I still want to date and although the curry dinners with homemade roti have been mind-blowing, I know that I’ve got to give him (and them) up. The only question is when and where? Do I do it this weekend just as his out of town guests are arriving to meet me? Do I do it before I wear that beautiful and expensive lingerie he gave me? And how?

Perhaps over coffee.


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