Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{October 1, 2008}   A,B,C,D….E?

Apparently, not only vitamins run the length of the alphabet – cup sizes do, too! I was so happy to finally lose the 1950s-era support garment that I’d been given to wear after the surgery. And what better way to celebrate than to take my two beautiful new twins shopping for lingerie! Into my favourite bra and underwear store I strode. Excited at the prospect of being able to finally fill a proper bra! Anxious to see how they really looked under some sexy lace, I chose all the prettiest C cups I could find and sashayed into the heavily velveted change room. Off with the clothes, on with the first bra – a fun hot pink swirl. Sitting directly on the tops of my nipples and not much else, I quickly came to the conclusion that a C might be too small. I smirked with guilty pleasure and shouted (in my head) ,”I am the proud owner of Ds!” Second time into the damask room, but armed with the next size up – and the biggest the store sold. As I struggled to do up the clasp behind me, I realized that this cup didn’t quite fit properly, either. Since when was a bra supposed to resemble the Golden Gate Bridge spanning two mountains! I stared into the mirror in disbelief. What happens when you don’t fit the largest size the store makes? Does the brassiere alphabet stop at D? I whisked myself past all the cute little colourful pushups that I would never fit again and found the nearest salesgirl. “Where do you shop if you are larger than a D cup?”, I asked in desperation. She pointed across the street, “Over there, at the speciality shop.

One hour, 2 bras and 264CAD later, I was fully aware just how far down the alphabet bras sizes go. I will never regret the choice to “go big”, I will however, have to adjust my budget to accommodate my brand new Es!


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