Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{September 28, 2008}   How Soon is Too Soon?

5 weeks into a relationship shouldn’t see tears or hear phrases like, “I thought you loved me”. Yikes. 5 weeks into a relationship shouldn’t be about discussing the first name of a child, where you want to spend your retirement years or what it would be like if his mother came to live with us. I’m not sure when the fast forward was hit, but speeding along at Mach3 is making me anxious, tense and a wee bit nauseous. I like my tall Indian, but I’m not ready to jump into the marriage/kids/mortgage ring with this guy just yet. Call me crazy, but 5 weeks in is just a little too soon. I’m still figuring him out. And wondering if I like what I’m finding! I like that he cooks, is incredibly attentive and very affectionate. I’m not liking when he drinks too much wine and talks about politics in a very loud, opinionated manner, or the tiny missing detail that he hasn’t yet been there for me in bed, and last but certainly not least, the realization that I can’t handle, with any amount of dignity, the crying (on his part) that most often accompanies discussions beginning with, “What’s up with you tonight?”

5 weeks is too much too soon for a lot of things. 5 weeks is how long it takes to get an appointment with really good hairstylist, to get lab test results proclaiming you’re actually healthy, or to finalize real estate deals.

But is 5 weeks too late to give Gold Miner Greg a call?


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