Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{September 27, 2008}   Re-Thinking Exclusivity

A month of being exclusive later – I’m having second thoughts. My tall Indian lover has quickly turned into my tall Indian boyfriend – with all the demands and expectations of a regular relationship! And I’m not so sure I’m ready. In the last four months after the breakup, the move out, the getting sick with stress, the finding a new apartment, the new tits…and then a new relationship… I’m not so sure I’m dealing with the whole thing as gracefully as I  should. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love and really committing to it – that’s the hard part as I’m sure the better half of the stats show with any modern day marriage! I’m struggling with wanting serious amounts of my own space, seeing other people and needing something a little more than just the occasional fuck. I’m not sure where a new relationship fits into all it. Perhaps nowhere. I tried to give my exclusivity rights back to him last night – but in that sexy London accent and with those chocolaty sweet brown eyes I was only able to articulate my need for space. I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I’ve been fantasizing about sex with my ex – a sure sign that I’m just not ready for another go round so soon! Does this mean that I have to give up the samosas?


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