Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{September 27, 2008}   My New Best Friends

Fake Tits. I’ve been dreaming about getting some for a the better part of a decade; continually envious of deep cleavage and longing for some curves that fill up a bra properly! So, after a month of research and not a thought about my credit limit – I finally DID IT! And baby, are they fabulous! The actually surgery lasted about an hour and post op healing took a good two weeks but if I were to do it all again – I would have only done it sooner! I went from an A cup to a D cup and according to all the girlfriends, my sister and mother, plastic surgeon and co-workers…it seems as if I was born to the wrong size of boobs! The Ds look as if they were supposed to have been there all along! A fantastic fit! I have to admit that I love touching, squeezing, and rubbing them – they feel so nice! And damn, do they look good under a t-shirt! Having gone from almost nothing to VaVaVaVoom – feels nothing more than natural! I actually feel good being naked with a lover, whereas before – the bra would be the last thing to come off (in the dark) and the first thing to struggle back into (before the lights came back on). Although the stitches are still dissolving and I’m still wearing a 1950s version of a support bra – I know that I made the right choice for myself… and for all the future bikinis I can finally own!


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