Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 27, 2008}   Hopeless Romantic

What happens when two hopeless romantics meet? Well, they fall hopelessly in love, of course! So says my tall, dark Indian – the very one who gave me exclusivity rights only a few days ago. There is only so long two people can continue seeing each other, one sworn to being exclusive the other not, before the scale tips and a  more equitable arrangement is needed.  Last night, over yet another deliciously fantastic meal of roti, prawns and chickpea masala, he asked me. He asked me to  give up all the others I’ve been seeing to give him a chance, to give us a chance to really get to know one another. Having fallen into step with this bloke so quickly and comfortably (last night was only our 4th date), I had to hesitate. Giving up spontaneous world travel with Gold Miner Greg or Vespa rides and fancy dinners with Marriot Mike or any other suitor ready and willing to sweep me off of my feet simply by thrill of the new and promising is a tantalizing cargo to leave behind. On the other hand, having one so sincere as to offer his trust, ask me to do the same, and jump into an adventure to see where our paths might lead is essentially the endgame of dating – the whole raison d’etre. Both possibilities are real and both are incredibly exciting; but they are mutually exclusive. I cannot have it two ways. As he gave me butterfly kisses on the back of my shoulder, I knew the answer. It was the only decision that could be the right one for a hopeless romantic. Yes! If only for the chance to swim in those warm brown eyes for a while. Lead on, Romantic Heart!


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