Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 25, 2008}   Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat

Sweating in any form or location, especially on the second date, is most definitely not desirable! Invited out for a what I thought would be a civilized (and easy!) game of mid-morning badminton, I had quite obviously underestimated the cardiovascular integrity of this sport! Not ten minutes into the set, I began to achieve what my tactful badminton partner, Tobs, termed as a “healthy glow”. What might of looked like a glow to him from across the net was in fact a full on sweat! I wasn’t that out of shape, was I?  Five more minutes in, my face is red and rivulets are streaming down my cleavage. Absolutely, undeniably unsexy! And on the second date! I cringed to think of the size of the pit stains I was leaving on my shirt! My partner, of course, hadn’t even broken one bead and was looking particularly perky. After 30 minutes, we begin to pack up as the gym is slated for a 7  year old hockey camp. Thank god! I need a water break! Heading for the fountain, Tobs gets a close up of my sweaty, red face and pit-stained shirt. “Hey, you wanna towel?” O God! How embarrassing! I don’t really know this guy and I’m sweating like a 300 pound Aussie Rules Footballer! So much for the nice, relaxing way to spend the mid-morning. I’m ready to have a coronary! Olympic sport nothing – this one should be part of a triathalon series! Tobs looks at me and smiles, “The squash courts are free. You wanna have a go?” I wipe down my face, roll up my already short sleeves and take a long swig of water – why, not I’ve already broken that rule of the second date!


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