Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 19, 2008}   The Business of Dating

Run it like a business, I thought to myself. And why not? I’ve got the next couple of weeks free and it would be fun to meet as many guys as possible during this time to really end summer with a bang (no pun intended, of course!) So, over the run of the next week, I will have had no less than 10 first dates. Similar to reality shows like The Bachelor, where the bloke starts with 10 girls and whittles them away by giving his preferred choices roses, I too have been doling out the metaphorical flora. It goes like this: We meet, if we click then it’s on to a second date. If not they are out. By the third date, I’m fairly sure they’ll be competent enough to make it to the fall. Unless of course they are bumped by one who particularly stands out from the rest of the lot. Come September I plan cull the crew to a handful of handsome hopefuls – a girl doesn’t need to be greedy, after all!  Those of whom remain should be able to take me through the long dark winter of Vancouver’s wet coast. By the time New Year’s comes about, I hope to be making some major headway with at least 1 or 2 of the survivors. That’s my six month plan. I’ve come this far in life and relationships without much foresight into what I really want. This time, it’s about meeting certain criteria, not settling for anything less than fantastic and, as Melanie Griffith so aptly put it, having “a head for business and a body for sin”.


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