Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 18, 2008}   Does Size Really Matter?

I’ve had four dates with Marriot Mike and things are going well. He’s witty, charming, intelligent and he has been wining and dining me like the traditional suitors of yore. And he is a gentleman. Until last night, we hadn’t even kissed. Our date began with an impromptu bbq lunch, followed by an inline skate round False Creek only to stop at 2nd beach in Stanley Park for a swim.  Back at his place we get ready for our dinner at Chambar.  He plies me with drinks and appies while I do my hair.  We head off on his very cool Vespa for our uber urban dining experience downtown. Dinner is fantastic! The fois gras completely to die for with the pomegranite reduction and little bits of crust “for texture”. Next Afterglow and Opus lounge for drinks. A Vespa tour around the downtown neighbourhoods tops the surprisingly sultry and warm evening. It is in the elevator on the way up to his apartment that he kisses me. Light, sexy, moist and the unofficial start to the rest of the date. In through the door we tumble, fumbling our way to the bedroom. Clothes are coming off at an alarming rate. His hands and mouth on me are incredible …. and then I reach down. Oh my, is that it? He is fully ready to go but when I wrap my hand around it, it’s almost no bigger than my closed fist! We kiss and tumble a little while longer before I excuse myself to the washroom. When I come back I’m so regretful to inform him that I’ve just got my period (a tiny white lie).  We snuggle, we fall asleep in each other’s arms and for a moment I have to time to reflect.  Marriot Mike is a wonderful guy, we get on well and have chemistry. But does size really matter? Should it? Am I being so shallow as to be turned off by the size of his penis? And if so, what does that say about me? I’ve dated a variety of men for a plethora of attractions and this has never been an issue. I’m not entirely sure to where we should go from here but it feels as if it might be a long walk off a short pier!


Karla says:

Obviously it does.

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