Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 14, 2008}   Eligible Bachelors

It seems Vancouver is crawling with eligible bachelors!  The few chaps I have met in person from the online dating site are good looking, intelligent and have done very well for themselves in this city. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or perhaps I’m just lucky but I really don’t think it comes down to fate. It’s all about geography and economy. Vancouver, in getting ready for 2010 (synonymous with the Olympics for locals) has seen a major boon in many areas – construction and real estate to name two heavy hitters that are changing the landscape, and manscape, of this growing little city. Everybody wants to be here and the draw is bringing in some fantastic prospects!  Vancouver is young, hip and urban and still relatively “achievable” in terms of a great amount of success in a relatively short period of time. True to our roots of exploration and expedition, finding a man in Vancouver is almost as easy as picking up a shovel and hitting payload upon first strike! A girl just has to have a little patience, perseverance and above all – humour (which will get you through the worst of anything!) Although difficult and illusive to meet face to face (as anybody who has spent anytime in Vancouver will tell you), the exact inverse is true for meeting online. It’s no longer the bar that’s being circled with sharks but the virtual world that’s teeming with a girl’s next great catch!


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