Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 13, 2008}   Good, Clean Fun

It’s 2:20 am and I just got in from another first date. Him: very cute, 5’oclock shadow, full head of grey hair (my weakness) and 6’1”. Check, check and check! Drinks by the beach turned into appies, appies turned to drinks, and then dessert and then… at the invitation to a great bottle of wine that one can’t possibly buy on the shelves on any liquor store in Vancouver – back to his place for a “sampling”. Despite the posters on the walls (I think I might have had that Marilyn Monroe poster in my room when I was a teenager) he did have impeccable taste in wine.  I told him quite frankly that I would only be sampling the wine and nothing else he had to offer that evening. Being the gentleman that his is, he acquiesced. But not before indulging in a bit of over the clothing, crazy dry hump grind session that I haven’t engaged in since – well, since that Marilyn poster! What a great deal of fun! No clothing came off but all the eroticism, the urgency, the wanting was there – and maybe more so because we both knew that it wouldn’t be ending in anything organic.  Bringing yourself back from the point of full arousal is so hard and so sweet at the same time. It leaves much to the imagination and so much more to the anticipation of …. next time. Those 2 little words that both tease and promise. Next time. Maybe. But this time, it was all good, clean fun!


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