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{August 12, 2008}   Text Message Etiquette

I’ve moved my communications with one guy from the online dating site instant messages to text messages. At the get go, he was already a little straight forward. He wrote something along the lines of, “Hey, looks like you’ve got a hot ass”. I don’t normally respond to that kind of opening, but I checked his profile and I had to admit, it looked like he might have a hot ass himself. So, I replied. We were about half an hour into chatting when he asked me if I wanted to get together.  A little soon, by normal standards but I was up for the adventure.  We exchanged numbers and he fired off the first of his messages. This is how the conversation played out:

Him: Want to meet either Fri/Sat?:)

Me: Friday works for me

Him: Kool. I am defn game. Where are u?

Me: Meet me at the Blue Room at 8pm.

Him: U like calling the shots. I say lets meet at a coffee shop & if we click, head for drinks….sounds good?

Me: Yes I like calling the shots! Blue Room is coffee

Him: So if we click, perhaps rent a movie & pass by the liquor store?:)

Me: Thatd be like date 2 or 3

Him: This will be date 1&2….hehehe. Compromise strong lady >;->

Me: Sorry not the way I roll!

Him: Relax and go with the flow. That is all i ask….kool?

Him: We kool?

This Him is already irritating me. I wonder what the etiquette is? We’ve made a plan to meet and I’m not one to break plans, but should I commit any time to this guy who already has a strike against him in the “elegance” department?


writeableramblings says:

if you can’t stand his texting..u probably won’t be able to stand him. good luck!

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