Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 11, 2008}   Just Make Me Laugh!

The value of humour on a first date is highly underrated, especially when it’s a online “blind date”. Truly, what else could be funnier than two complete strangers, who have exchanged a few virtual post it notes, getting together to see if there is any real life chemistry? Where do you start? How do you break the ice? This is how: you make light of the situation, have a good time poking fun at the whole online dating thing and laugh over a couple of drinks incredulous the both of you are actually there. I should have let my date last night in on those precious little tidbits of social know-how. It was almost excruciating at times –  big, fat gaps in the conversation that refused to be filled. Silent stares the begged for an accompanying commentary. Segues that failed miserably. To make matters worse, this bloke was so serious about everything that even cracking a smile became a painful experience. So, what is a girl suppose to do with that? This is what: she fills it up with mindless chatter and invariably ends up “over-sharing” on more than a few personal details that aren’t normally revealed until much (if ever!) later.  By the end of the evening I was exhausted. It takes so much effort to make a conversation successful when you’re working both sides.  It is much, much easier just to laugh.


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