Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{August 5, 2008}   More from the Frontline of Online Dating

I just got back from my second date with Hotel Harold (he’s in the business). He invited me over for a balcony BBQ – salmon on a cedar board, prawn skewers, salad and wine – not to mention the view (o those beautiful Vancouver mountains!). The food was good, the conversation also good but I’m beginning to think that this guy lives at work. That’s most of what he talks about and when trading “stories” his inevitably revolve in some way around his work. Hotel Harold is 47, fifteen years my senior, and with all the time he’s got on me, I would expect he could pull a few more experiences to share out of his bag of life. Or maybe not. After dinner, we took his Vespa (he is a self-professed metro sexual) down to English Bay where we had a Mondo gelato on the beach, watched an amazing sunset and got to know each other a bit more. But after spending the entire evening together, I’m thinking Hotel Harold might just be a friend. No sparks or at least not yet. I like the fact that he is not pushy and is very much the gentleman because at this point, I have no inclination to kiss him! I wonder if that is strange or normal? How long after you meet a perfect online stranger do you want to lay lips on him? Wait, I think I can answer that: if the chemistry is there, it’s there and it’s undeniable, right? He wants to take me out again this week, which would be three times in seven days. A little much? Perhaps I’ll have to busy up my schedule with other dates from Lavalife!


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