Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{July 7, 2008}   Hate Email

Is there anything wrong with sending hate email to an ex-boyfriend? I mean just gather up all your rage and angry poison and blast it all away in one email? Just to let him know that my life is in complete shambles, that I’m having to live with my parents, that I’m so sick I’m unable to work, that every night I cry myself to sleep?  I want to lay it so thick that he might feel a pang of guilt, remorse, regret, love? Maybe I just need some counseling or a good-old-fashioned fuck.  Whatever pit of despair this is, I am most definitely at the bottom. The very rock bottom. I’m at the point where even my most reliable distractions are not working (my snuggle buddy has left town – god, that’s bad timing!) and all I’m left with is a half empty box of tissues, red eyes and a fucking headache from the 24 hour pity party that I’ve been hosting. Jennifer Aniston has nothing on me. I’ve been told I should be like a phoenix raising itself from the fire, but unless those ancient Egyptians sent hate email I don’t see any help in that metaphor.


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