Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{June 26, 2008}   Epiphany

Last night I had an epiphanous moment as I realized that my young “snuggle-buddy” will only and ever be just that. It was sort of a sad moment, as I become aware that I’m not prepared to see another one through a major transition of life. He’s just turning 29 and still has that major hurdle of crossing over to the third decade of life. I’ve done it, I’ve seen a few partners through it and I’m not prepared or even wiling to go it again. It’s like contemplating a return to adolescence – and who wants to revisit those times! I also feel this about my 20s. As exciting and dynamic as they were, I’ve had my anxiety attacks and dealt with turning 30 and got my career underway and I finally figured out what is important to me. And now I’m ready to be with somebody who is already self-actualized, knows themselves, has travelled through life a little and knows the backroads (…my passport is ready and my bag is packed!) I suppose I’ll have to let my s-b in on my thoughts – maybe we can just be “friends”.


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