Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{June 25, 2008}   Back in the Game

So what does “Back In the Game” really mean? Dating? Casual Sex? One Night Stands? Serial Short Term Monogamy? Hunting Down Mr. Right? I suppose I have to define my terms and write my own rules – but what are they? What happens if I am dancing with my “snuggle-buddy” but then get some totally amazing eye contact followed by a slow, sexy smile from the bartender, complete with a neck tattoo, over the shoulder of my dance partner? What’s the protocol? My buddy is nice, but this guy is HOT! My s-b has got his hands all over me but all I want to do is hop the bar and lick that raw sex tatty! Yikes! Social decorum must come into play somehow – it’s rude to leave one guy you’re dancing with and stick your tongue down another’s throat just because the moment moves you… right? On the other hand, I’ve just left a dried up, dead and blown away relationship and I need some F-U-N! I suppose bad behaviour can never really be excused, though- but really I’m so horny, I almost can’t reel myself in at times…and should I have to? Life is for living, seize the moment, live for the now, don’t look back (hmm how many other overused, tired metaphors can I cram in here?) But the point is that I don’t want to sacrifice any more of my precious time on ventures that don’t entirely captivate me. And captivated I wish to be! Maybe that should be my first rule: If you’re captivated move ahead one space, if not, miss a turn.


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