Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{June 24, 2008}   Bed Hopping

Out of one bed and into another in the same weekend! My girlfriends think I have some SuperGirl power to attract cute, available and nice guys – but really how can I say “no” after two months of zero action from one emotionally bereft boyfriend? So this weekend I moved out of the shared apartment and the cold, lonely bed (read: emotionally bereft boyfriend MIA for the past 4 weeks) and happily accepted an invitation to join warmer climes. Slipping under the covers with a new body isn’t the easiest thing to do after three and a half years of blissful monogamy – but after a night of dancing, pink martinis and a cigarette with kick…well, let’s just say for this newly single girl, it was the perfect combination! The details? In short, fantastically amazing! He was There For Me All Night Long and it was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before! It was as if he already knew his way around my body, he knew just what to do and when and for how long. Delerious hours seemed to pass and every time I thought we were ready to actually sleep, he’d turn to me, fully and completely ready to go again! I was tumbled, tossed and turned inside out. And in the morning – I felt like a polished penny with a big shiny smile…outward appearances notwithstanding (this is what I remember as being one of the many small tribulations that being single, and “active” encompasses: having to look sexy upon waking without a hint of morning breath, smudged mascara or anything else to detract from your complete and utter fuckability. Does this still hold once your passed thirty? Is there some forgiveness achieved in knowing and respecting the human factor? I’m not sure – all I do know is that it’s time to buy some new lingerie, makeup and a pair of sexy shoes because I’m back in the game!


littlems says:


Amen to every Single word. Go!

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