Single in the City : Adventures in Urban Dating

{June 20, 2008}   Friday Not Soon Enough

Dear Blog,

I’m sitting at work, watching the clock and wondering if Friday night will ever arrive….nothing new in the lives of the working stiffs, I realize- but I really want to move out of that apartment! I drove by my martyr of an ex-boyfriend this morning sleeping in his car outside the park! Who does that? I think he is trying to guilt me into getting back together with him. He thinks I’m being selfish wanting to have children and using him as a “sperm bank”. A term which he used, and continues to use because he feels that I don’t love him anymore but he’s the one who changed his mind for fucksake! Let’s get the guilt trip straight!

And speaking of trips….I have been invited to spend the month of August in Argentina with somebody I barely know… (well, we did have a hardcore snuggling session last Saturday night, but that hardly is enough to know if you want to travel with someone! That’s a serious commitment!)



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