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{June 20, 2008}   Girl Kiss

Dear Blog,

I forgot to mention last weekend. It all started with a glass of white wine at my girlfriend’s house. That led to another which led to the urge to go out. So we did. We met up with a few friends at a local club. A few more cocktails, a shot of tequila and glow sticks to adorn ourselves with and we were ready to hit the dance floor. While I was in the middle of losing myself to the music, somebody grabbed the glow stick I had stuck in my back pocket. I caught of glimpse of the glowing green stick hovering above my head attached to a small hand and a slim arm. She had swimmingly dark eyes and a fantastically cheeky smile. Clearly this girl wanted to play – and so it was on. All night long that glow stick passed back and forth between us; dancing all over each other pretending it was the glowing green plastic we wanted. I remember running my hands down the length of her body and thinking O my god, am I really doing this? She was so incredibly delicious it was impossible to keep my hands off of her. When she pressed her body against mine in a vain attempt to reclaim the glow stick, I kissed her. I kissed her to the thumping of the music and the pounding of the blood. She was a tiny little thing with a crazy energy and a sexy Spanish accent. And she kissed me back. Passionate, hot, wet and urgent. My first real girl kiss. It was awesome!



Tracy says:

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