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{May 25, 2008}   May 25

Dear Blog,

Sunday morning. Usually my favourite day of the week: sleeping late, making love, waffles, walks on the beach…. Today it’s just me, cold toast and Corinne Bailey Rae. But thank god for girlfriends! Last night we got into some good, old fashioned “girls rock, guys suck” over wine, sushi and tears. Totally cathartic! Still, I can’t help but feeling a bit deceived. However – I’ve decided that this is not going to be one long pity party. I’m moving on. It’s only been a couple of days since the shit hit the fan, but I’ve already got another apartment lined up. I haven’t really given myself the luxury of thinking that he will change his mind. But if he does? Do I really want someone to “give” me a child when he has no interest himself? I don’t want to be a single mom a few years down the road (Power to all those who are!) because he wakes up and decides this life isn’t for him. And further – he’s not even interested that much in travelling, my passion above all passions! He told me he feels like a “piece of dead meat being dragged about the world” whenever we travel. I managed to get him to India but he hated it after 2 weeks and wanted to come home and I could have stayed months longer! How can one reconcile those types of differences? Not to mention the deal breaker of not wanting a family! I think I’ve got to give my head a shake and realize that this guy may not have ever been the one. God, that’s depressing! I’ve been through this so many times before and you’d think that I would be able to at least recognize the signs of a relationship going down in flames. Now I’m on damage control after the crash and burn. Fuck!

I think I need some time in Thailand or a trip to the Grand Canyon or a month in the south of France. But a quick fix me up will have to do for now – I’m going shopping ~ a little retail therapy always does a girl good!

Signing off,

G4 AKA GoGoGadgetGirl


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