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{May 22, 2008}   May 21

Dear Blog,

I haven’t written in a journal for such a long time. The last time I sat down to do personal writing was with a pen and paper. But now, I figure if I’m going to write, then it might as well be a blog. Why not? It’s funny, though – I would have never shared any of my personal thoughts worthy of writing in my journal with anyone let alone spreading them around the blogosphere. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

So the deal is this: I’m 32, in a solid relationship with my shit finally, finally together and I’m ready – I mean really ready – to start a family. I’m the right age, it seems to be the right time, I’ve stayed in a job long enough to qualify for maternity leave….everything seems to have mindlessly fallen into place. And then, this. This thing that nobody thinks they will ever have to deal with because it seems to be the most natural thing in the world to just do. Do it. Fucking. Shagging. Bumping Uglies. Making Love. Sexy Time. Getting It On. Sex. It is just not happening. I put the blame entirely on my boyfriend. He has seemingly lost all interest in having sex. Maybe it was the mention of babies that turned him off, but whatever it was – we haven’t Gotten Intimate for weeks. It’s really weird as up to now, I didn’t consider myself to have an unusual appetite for It, but now that Its gone – well let’s just say my fingers have been busy! He says he still finds me sexy, and I believe him as my ego won’t let me think otherwise but something has most definitely changed. It’s like we are roommates sharing the same bed. All other aspects in our life together as a couple remain the same – except, perhaps, for the fact that we seem to be watching TV more often. I wonder what’s on tonight?

Signing off,

G4 AKA GoGoGadgetGirl


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